Electric Tankless Water Heater Applications

Residential /Domestic Hot Water Water Heating:

Tankless water heaters have been used for decades throught Asia and Europe as general domestic hot water heaters. During the last decade, North American manufacturers have adapted the technology to handle the more demanding flow rates typically found in most whole-house residential applications in the USA and Canada. The modern electric tankless water heater is ideal for single family homes, condos, apartments, mobile/manufactured homes, guest houses and vacation properties. In recent years, builders, real estate developers, and hotel/motel operators have also seen the benefits of tankless water heaters in adding value to their projects.

Of course, due to their small size, tankless water heaters are also well suited to point-of use applications as well.

The vast majority of electric tankless water heaters purchased in North America are now bought for whole house residential water heating applications!

Other Applications:

Electric tankless water heaters have also proven to be very popular for the following applications: