Green Hot Water Heaters

As societies environmental awareness increases, people are spending more time searching for and purchasing green products. In most cases going green may cost slightly more, but will help the environment. Fortunately when looking for a green water heater, there are options that will not only help save the environment, but they will also save you money. Electric tankless water heaters require less energy to provide hot water, are 99% efficient, last twice as long, and take up a great deal less space.

Efficient Green Water Heaters

The more efficient a product is, the greener it is, as it means less wasted energy. Basic traditional tank style water heaters lose a lot of their heat through stand-by heat loss. As the hot water sits in the tank, it slowly cools, even though the tank is insulated. With gas traditional tanks, heat is also lost up the venting. This gives gas tank water heaters efficiencies of between 70 & 80 percent, and electric tank water heaters efficiencies of 80 - 90 percent. With a green electric tankless water heater, standy-by heat loss is avoided, allowing efficiencies of 99%, leading to considerable energy savings.

A traditional 40 gallon tank, as expected holds about 40 gallons of hot water. Unfortunately this does not mean that you will get 40 gallons of hot water out of it before the water goes cold. As soon as you draw water out of the tank, cold water enters to replace it. Thus you are probably only getting 20 - 30 gallons of hot water. Traditional tanks combat this by heating the water to between 125 and 140 degrees. This requires a great deal more energy than heating it to the 105 - 110 degrees that you will actually use it at. Tankles water heaters can be set to heat water to whatever temperature you set them to, thus avoiding this extra energy consumption.

Lifespan of Green Water Heaters

In the past traditional tank style water heaters lasted quite a long time. We occasionally get calls from customers who have 20 year old tanks that are just starting to leak. These customers are rare, and becoming rarer as most tank water heaters now last between 8 and 12 years. Due to this it is estimated that 14,000,000 tank water heaters are discarded in the US each year. Electric tankless water heaters have lifespans exceeding 30 years. This longer lifespan means less expense for the homeowner, and less harm to the environment.

Green Water Heaters Save Space

A traditional tank water heater takes up about 10 times more space than an electric tankless water heater. When you consider that 14,000,000 tank water heaters are discarded each year, that extra space becomes huge. One year of water tank discards takes up enough space in our landfills to fill a football field, and be stacked 800 ft high! With their longer lifespan and smaller size and material requirements, electric tankless water heaters are definitely the green hot water heater of choice.